Job Description

BoldBrush is searching for a reliable, detail-oriented, friendly person who can work and improve our existing process for making sales and help develop our outbound phone sales system. Warm leads and solid training will be provided.   Contribute to our overall growth plan by developing leads and selling artists on FASO and getting them to set up a website or move their website to us.


Why BoldBrush?

At BoldBrush, we believe that art can transform lives and make the world a better place.  That’s why for almost 20 years we’ve made it our mission to bring inspiration and innovation to the world’s artists.  We make innovative  technology that is simple to use, beautiful and empowers our customers  to live their artistic dreams.   And we back our technology with the industry’s top rated live support.  Our people are creative, passionate about art and driven to make every interaction remarkable.

What Working at BoldBrush is Like

  • We focus only on serving artists and our focus gives us a huge advantage because we know our market like nobody else.

  • Lots of opportunities to learn and grow because we tackle challenging problems, reach for big goals, and move fast.

  • An amazing and supportive team who will challenge you to do your very best and be there to support you.

  • A remarkable set of customers that you can feel good about serving who are dedicated to making the world a better place through their art.

  • A stable and profitable company with two decades of leadership in the visual art space.

  • A remote work environment where you can work from anywhere (which is super important these days).

  • Extremely low turnover rate.  Nearly everyone we’ve ever hired still works at BoldBrush.

  • An incredibly consistent culture based on our 4 distinguishing beliefs: Build Trust, Obsess over Customers, Learn and Improve Daily, and Deliver Results and Innovation.

  • A comfortable, relaxed dress code - you must wear something.



In this contract based role, you’ll contribute to our overall growth plan by finding and developing leads and selling artists on FASO and getting them to set up a website or move their website to us.   This will be primarily phone outreach, social media DMs and email.   You’ll also develop and spearhead our outbound lead sales system.


Job Objectives:

- Implement and perform outbound sales from various lead sources we have in place

- Sign up a minimum of 5 new paying website clients a week by doing proactive, warm and cold outreach by phone, text, and email.  Commissions paid for exceeding this number.

- Develop and document the best practices of this role to be used in training as we scale.

-  Feed what you learn from the data back to us to further improve the system, identify areas to improve the product and possibly build a sales prediction model.

- Create a sales prediction model by end of first year

- Provide marketing with prospect feedback that could assist in future program/campaign creation in order to generate best results.

Ongoing Roles and Responsibilities:

Cold call kickstart stalled accounts

Monitor inboxes & social media for leads and reach out to and help those leads

Use lists we have developed, our groups & other sources for outbound leads.

Improve our inbound lead close rate.

Feed data back into system to improve system

Develop and document the best practices so role can be expanded as we scale

Find and qualify new prospects are then nurture them to keep BoldBrush top of mind



Outstanding written and verbal communication skills

Personable and disarming phone personality

Excellent problem solving skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks under tight deadlines

Customer centric skills

Independent, self-motivated and self-starting

Ability to be watchful, anticipate and act quickly with good judgment


At home requirements:  A quiet workspace, ergonomic chair, and desk, Reliable, high-speed internet service (minimum 5 megabits download and I megabit upload) from a reliable provider and a modern PC or laptop.

Let’s Talk:

If assisting creative artists live their dreams for an innovative, artistic and growing company sounds appealing to you, then let’s have a conversation. (Confidential, of course).

1.  Read this entire job description to see if you feel you are a great fit.

2.  Take our culture index survey at:


3. Prepare a cover letter outlining why you think you’d be a great fit for this position and provide it, and your resume at the following URL:

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Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 29 Mar 2022
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