Job Description


We are a start-up that is scaling fast. Therefore we’re not hiring for someone to do repetitive work. We’re hiring resilient, multi-faceted problem solvers:

What challenges will the Intern Coach solve? The challenge of...

  • Providing a series of supports and guidance that boost interns’ enriching internship experience

  • Understanding best coaching practices to instill in remote internship coaching.

  • Working across a variety of students’ career backgrounds and cultures and supporting them equally and effectively.

  • Articulating the internship experience into their future career path by contributing to skills development and goal setting and achievement. 

How many interns will VI be supporting this year?

  • In 2020 Virtual Internships supported 1600 students and we plan to double, even triple our numbers in 2021. 

  • Interns come from around the world, with our 2020 alumni representing over 150 different universities from the US, UK, EU, MENA, and APAC regions.

What is the end goal of providing coaching?

  • Virtual Internships strives to increase post-program employment confidence and success. To that measure we give participants the opportunity to step above their day-to-day internship experience and conduct guided conversations that enhance their goal setting and career management skills.

  • All interns are encouraged to schedule two coaching sessions: one during their internship and the other after, which will be conducted by you.

How big is the Intern Coaching team?

  • The team consists of 1 full-time team member and 10+ intercultural contract staff.

What does success look like in 3 months time?

  • Positive feedback from all interns exceeding 85% of caseload.

  • Understanding of common topics and issues and best resources to provide during the calls.

  • Utilizing all available resources to prepare successfully for the call.

  • Successful provision of participant support and guidance. 

Skills You Need to be a Successful Intern Coach

  • Understanding of coaching and mentoring best practices.

  • Empathy and understanding of professional development challenges. 

  • Adaptability to work in a Startup environment: “thriving in chaos, but working towards structure”.

  • Ability to provide support for complex problematics and to quickly learn and adapt to new challenges.

  • Ability to convey complex information to a wide variety of stakeholders.

Additional characteristics we expect our entire team to demonstrate 

  • Always student focussed.

  • Always find a way.

  • Dare to be different.

  • Dare to be challenged.

  • Action orientated: better to make a reversible bad decision than no decision at all.

Some Basic Requirements

  • Fluent English language skills (you don’t need an IELTS, but if you did it would be 7.0+).

  • Interest in experiential learning, professional development, employability, or higher education.

  • Experience mentoring or coaching students.

  • Knowledge of best professional practices, work trends and industries, and job search process (i.e., how to write a CV and motivation letter,  how to conduct a job interview, how to behave professionally in the workplace, etc).


  1. Form and CV application

  2. One-way Video Interview

  3. Interview with Head of Employability

More Details
Employment Type: Part Time
Location: [REMOTE]
Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 29 Jul 2021
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