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Cloud Architect

As a Cloud Architect, you will help the Cloud Engineering teams attain maturity in the cloud technology stack, architecture, and practices with the goal to create high-quality cloud products and features for all businesses to use.


About us


Founded in 2008 in Pune by a group of technology evangelists passionate about travel, technology, and values that reflect even today in the culture within the organisation. We at Tavisca today create some of the world’s most cutting-edge software products in the Travel technology and Customer loyalty and engagement business.


We are now a cxLoyalty company with a team of over 600 dedicated and passionate employees in India and 3000+ employees globally, building products and solutions that power some of the world’s leading Travel, customer engagement & loyalty programs. Tavisca’s platforms help corporations in creating loyalty & engagement and reward programs for their customers through a bouquet of offerings that include travel, merchandise and other benefits. We are in the journey of constantly transforming the way brands engage, thank and rewards their most loyal customers.


Why is this role important for Tavisca's work?

You will work with multiple Product teams, engaging with Product team members to help build and reinforce the Cloud mindset and to embed cloud practices in the day to day work. Examples include: creating the design infrastructure for new features on the cloud, Infrastructure as code, best database to use in the scenario, cost-optimized infrastructure choices, security as day zero practice, and attaining dark data center as a principal. You need to Architect cloud solutions/products for making sure that working on cloud Environment is an ease for the Product teams and they don't have to bother about the underlying systems, governance, or practices.

Once here you will?

Some of the things that you can look forward to doing once you are here are:

  1. Creating technical design specs for a multi-region across availability zone deployments.
  2. Creating Cloud Products to ease out the automation and governance of cloud deployments for Product teams.
  3. Maintaining the security, performance, resilience, and cost for the cloud deployments.
  4. Coach, train, and mentor to improve the maturity and value of the cloud practices within the team.
  5. Be part of Agile rituals like Feature elaboration/Estimation, daily stand-ups, release planning, Iteration Planning Meeting, Retrospective, Showcase, etc
  6. Maintain Product Infrastructure using reusable clean code and one-click deployment methodologies.
  7. Extensive use of Amazon web services across more than 50 AWS accounts in the Organisation
  8. Work on clustering strategies of NoSql Databases and implementing the latest features by rolling upgrades ensuring higher availability.
  9. Create testing platforms for the Infrastructure code for ensuring high availability using the unit and regression tests for infrastructure code.
  10. Making sure that security is the most important part of the product and compliances like PCI and all are maintained and tests are performed.
  11. Writing libraries and plugins for the open-source products and tools used by the team using Python, C#, Java, etc.
  12. Evaluate the latest technology releases and ensure that the Product is always at the best to use Platform.
  13. Gate keep development process and quality by ensuring that best practices are followed.

What does Tavisca offer you?


Tavisca is a place unlike any other. It’s a place where you can solve diverse, complex challenges for our clients, alongside thoughtful, intelligent individuals who lead with curiosity, empathy, and optimism. We work hard, but we also intentionally craft moments that allow our community to pause, create, and connect. We encourage our community to bring their whole selves to work, respect the need for work-life balance, and allow for autonomy in the design process and your career. Perks include 

While some organisations offer you perks and benefits, we offer you the ‘Tavisca Experience.’ An experience that gives you the opportunity to learn, innovate and have loads of fun. 

As we aspire to be an organisation where every meet-up that happens in Pune happens at Tavisca. We organise series of technology events, hackathons, workshops and tech meet-ups to give our wiz kids the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and to also spread and rely on the expertise we possess.

We do everything we can to make life here as easy as possible and do our best to take people's personal situations into account. Some of our key perks reflect our culture at Tavisca:


💻 Technology: A company that promotes technology evangelism. Our constant endeavor is to continue to challenge our technology landscape and to pioneer the use and implement some of the coolest available technologies in the world.

🎼 Learning & development: We offer an array of trainings and platforms for our teammates to be their best selves. Want to develop any specific skill? Be Tech or Non-Tech we will make it possible for you.

 📚 Industry Connects: We provide a lot of opportunities for our employees to interact, learn and collaborate with thought leaders and evangelists in the industry through many connects, meet-ups and workshops that we conduct in our organisation. We also encourage our folks to publish papers, present at various conferences and even write books and are open to provide all kinds of support required in such endeavors.

✈️ Foundation Day Retreats: Join us on Foundation day retreats every year with your families. These are always a grand affair and it’s going to be a blend of adventure and luxury this time at the Aamby Valley.

🍼 Child Care: We have it all covered! Childcare facility close to our office ensuring comfort for your kids and peace of mind for you with no extra financial strain!

⛺️ Sabbaticals: We promote leaves for a purpose. Employees can take an unpaid sabbatical for a maximum of 3 months, to set up their own business or for higher education.


Relevant experience?

Minimum qualifications:

  • Education:Bachelor-Master Engineering degree

  • Should have been working for at least seven years as a DevOps/Cloud Engineer and evolved to be an Architect

  • Should have worked on AWS Cloud Environments in depth. 

  • Should have worked on AWS Cloud services like compute, storage, databases, network, application integration, monitoring, alerting, Identity & Access Management.
  • Should have been working in an Infrastructure as a code environment or understands it very clearly to be able to review it.
  • Should have done Infrastructure coding using Cloudformation/Terraform and Configuration Management using Chef/Ansible.
  • Hands-on experience of working on containers and its orchestration using Kubernetes and ECS.

  • Has good knowledge and understanding of Network Security, Security Architecture and Secured SDLC practices

  • Should have worked on NoSQL Databases like Cassandra, Aerospike, MongoDB, DynamoDB or Couchbase

  • Central Logging, monitoring using stacks like ELK(Elastic) on the cloud, Grafana, Prometheus, etc. 

  • Has a very clear idea about CI and CD using one or more tools (Jenkins, Bamboo or Circle CI)

  • Hands-on experience of Linux and Windows Operating System

  • Requires hands-on knowledge of one or more Programming language (preferably Java or C#)

  • Requires working knowledge of two or more Scripting language (preferably Python or Ruby)

  • Should have ease in understanding Shell/Powershell and Bash scripts for the default libraries of OS

  • Comfortable with frequent, incremental code, testing, and deployment.

  • Has some basic knowledge of Application/Web servers (Apache/Nginx).

  • Has some basic understanding of REST/SOAP APIs
  • Has an in-depth understanding of distributed systems.

Nice to haves

Preferred qualifications:

  • Having some background or coursework in Computer Science
  • AWS certifications, Kubernetes certification, or the likes.
  • Relevant experience in a product organization in a Cloud Architect role
  • AWS security services like GaurdDuty, Inspector, Cognito, WAF & Shield.
  • Worked on one or more Programming language (preferably Java or C#)
  • Worked on infrastructure design and implementation of serverless applications.
More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Pune , Not USA/Canada , India
Experience Required: Director/ Vice-President
Date Published: 27 Jun 2020
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