Job Description
Superfluid Team is a liquid team of company builders supporting the growth of some of the most innovative and high-potential businesses.
Why liquid team? Because we provide a complementary and integrated team to the companies we support. We provide a team composed by a manager plus a network of 35+ professionals coming from some of the best tech companies and scaleups in the world and representing the top 0,1% of their expertise at the international level. 
Professionals in Superfluid Team worked for global leaders like Google, Expedia, Rocket Internet as well as successful innovative challengers like Everli (Supermercato24), Careem (acquired by Uber for $3B), Reef ('unicorn' in the United States) and many others.
Why company builders? For our experience in creating, scaling and optimizing businesses in their various maturity phases. We did this a number of times, in various sectors and countries. Now we are determined to support the entire innovation ecosystem in raising the bar.
We are neither an agency, nor consultants, nor freelancers. We learnt from experience that these models tend to fail in environments characterized by strong innovation, competition and speed. That’s why we created Superfluid Team, with top-notch resources and proven methods to overcome these challenges.
When the companies we work succeed, Superfluid Team succeeds together with them. That's why they are business partners for us, rather than just clients.
Job description
The Marketing Lead is a real business partner for the Leaders we work with (Founders, CEOs, C-levels etc.). The Marketing Lead’s goal is to bring value by both creating opportunities and reducing risks through a wide spectrum of activities. These activities are mainly related to improving product-market fit and go-to-market.
The Marketing Lead achieves his/her objectives through strategic and operational analysis, project planning and execution, coordinating both Superfluid Team resources as well as resources within the company we work with, in a continuous and iterative way.
  • Stakeholder management of supported Leaders and their teams
  • Strategy and execution evaluation in regards to functions like Marketing and Growth as well as in connections with Product and User Experience
  • Project Management both in terms of strategy and execution
  • People and budget management
  • People management skills
  • Skilled in optimizing marketing budgets of both small (<€100k) and large (€1M+) size
  • First-hand experience of all the main marketing channels, especially the digital ones
  • Experience in improving product and user experience
  • Professional fluency in English and Italian
Nice to have
  • Experience in fast-paced, high-growth businesses
  • Experience in launching a startup and/or managing the scaleup phase
  • Experience in B2C, B2B2C, online pure players, e-commerce, D2C, SaaS
  • Experience in structured environments, agencies or consultancy businesses
  • Remote working experience
About you
  • You know your stuff, you have a great track record in facing challenging situations and achieving results, you have a variety of experiences to bring to the table
  • You are passionate about shaping an idea from scratch, providing a tangible impact, build and grow things
  • You are a great team player, versatile, curious, eager to learn and to stay at the cutting edge of your craft
What we offer
  • Remote-first. You can work from wherever you want: Sardinia, Berlin, your grandma’s country house - why not? You choose. 
  • Remote-friendly. We provide a budget to facilitate remote working (standing desks, ergonomic gaming chairs, cool tools and gadgets)
  • Events where we meet to work together and have fun
  • Economics in line with the market, with very strong results-based incentives
  • Great potential for professional and economic growth, even in the short term (12-18 months) and related to our business growth (Superfluid Team grows > you grow)
  • A variety of opportunities and projects to learn cool topics and specialize
  • Open to discuss stock options incentives
Did you read up to here? Whether you are the right person or not for this role, we like your motivation, and we wish you all the best.
If you like what we are building, and you know someone who could be interested in this role -> make an intro at [email protected]
If we’ll take them on board, you will be rewarded! let’s call it a Santa Claus level reward ;)
More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: [REMOTE]
Experience Required: Internship
Date Published: 29 Nov 2020
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