Job Description

Superfluid Team is a liquid team of company builders supporting the growth of some of the best companies such as established brands, leading digital players, disruptors.


Why liquid team

We are liquid because we provide a complementary team that fluidly flows into the companies we support. Moreover, we provide a team composed by an internal team plus a network of 50+ multi-disciplinary professionals selected across fields like Marketing, Experience, Analytics, Tech.


Why company builders

Thanks to our experience in creating, scaling and optimizing businesses in their various maturity phases. We did this a number of times, in various sectors and countries. 

Now we are determined to support the entire Italian ecosystem in raising the bar.


A Great Experience for a Great Graduate

We are looking for graduates (e.g. in Italy this is called “laureandi” o “neolaureati”) and people with limited experience that are passionate about innovation and the digital world. 

Why? Because we work closely with some of the best entrepreneurs on amazing apps, fancy e-commerces and cutting-edge technology.


From day one you will get projects to lead yourself supported by some of the best managers in the market that already created, scaled and managed large teams and organizations.


You will have many opportunities to learn the best practices to grow a business online and to be part of an organization that aims at excellence.

You will have the chance to build from the ground up entire new skills like online marketing, digital user experience and data analysis.

You will get the excitement of working for an innovative startup that is growing rapidly, with the security of a profitable business.


We are looking for people that want to do, learn, grow and create.

We are looking for people that want to put a dent in the world.

The preferred educational background are economics and engineering (e.g. finance, marketing, computer science, etc.)


We are a remote-first company (especially now that coronavirus hit the world), though we have ongoing in-person sessions for training, networking and support.

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: [REMOTE]
Experience Required: Internship
Date Published: 11 Feb 2021
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