Job Description

Header Sub- Arc Welder

Pay: $19/hr.

Hours: Monday- Friday 5PM-3:30AM

Job Type:  Temp-Hire

Location: Catoosa, Ok

Test Type: 1G Saw Plate Sub-Arc and 2G Plate Test

Job Description:

Ability to weld  to end of headers and positions header using an overhead or jib crane; turn cranks or pushes buttons to align electrode on welding head over the weld joint. Ability to load reel of electrode wire onto machine and threads electrode wire from reel through feed rolls and welding head; turn welding head to set the specified angle of electrode. Fill hopper with specified flux and direct nozzle or gravity feed over weld line. Turn knobs to set current, voltage, and slope, and synchronize feed of wire and flux with speed of welding action. Ability to observe meters and gauges or observes welding action for compliance with procedures. Visually examine welds for adherence to specifications; grind welded surfaces as needed. Adjust machine setup to vary size, location, and penetration of bead; layout, fit, and tack work pieces together. Preheat work piece with hand torch or heating furnace; remove surplus slag, flux, and spatter. Ability to remove metal with carbon arc gouger to make repairs if necessary.

Job Order # 115771

Stand-By Personnel Welding Division

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Tulsa , OK , United States
Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 21 Nov 2022
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