Job Description

Fintube Operator

Pay: $28-30/hr.

Hours:5-AM-4:30PM Monday-Friday

Job Type: Temp-Hire

Location: Catoosa, Oklahoma

Job Description:

Ability to set-up and operate finning machines to wrap on or embedded fin strip material on tubes to construct fintubes by reading blueprints, planning sheets, sketches, and related technical data to determine tooling requirements, setup procedures, control settings, and finning methods and sequences. Mount pans then, aligns, and secures pan in machine. Ability to calculate and sets machine controls in relationship to work piece and regulate factors such speed, feed, and coolant flow; start machine and observe and listens to machine operation to detect malfunctions.

Ability to feed tubes into the machine and connect other tubes with tube connectors to continue the finning process; adjusts machine feed and speed to fin tubes according to specifications. Verify dimensions of finned tubes for conformance to specifications using gauges, calipers, and ruler.


Minimum 10-15 years’ experience running McElroy #5 machines.

Job Order #115772

Stand-By Personnel | Skilled Division

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Claremore , OK , United States
Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 17 Mar 2023
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