Job Description
The Marketing Internship is a dynamic, hands-on experience in the exciting world of arts and crafts product marketing. As a Marketing Intern, you will be part of our dedicated team working to grow our brand's reach, engage our customer base, and influence the product marketing strategy. You'll be involved in a variety of marketing initiatives including SEO, Data Analysis, Social media marketing Campaigns, Outreach & Partnership Campaigns, Competitor Research, and analytics.
Goals and Objectives:
Our primary goal is to provide you with a well-rounded marketing experience, enabling you to develop a broad set of marketing skills and gain a solid understanding of the arts and crafts industry. The objectives for this internship are:
- Develop and implement effective marketing strategies that align with our brand and business goals.
- Gain hands-on experience in digital marketing channels such as social media, email, and content marketing.
- Understand the usage of analytics in shaping marketing strategies.
- Enhance your ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative team 
Task and Duties:
- Assisting in the creation and execution of marketing campaigns across various platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok).
- Creating engaging content or analyzing efforts for our blog, social media channels, and email newsletters.
- Conducting market research to help inform our marketing strategy.
- Assisting in SEO efforts to increase website visibility.
- Monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on marketing campaign performance.
- Collaborating with the marketing team on brainstorming and strategizing for future campaigns.
Skills Required:
- There's a desire to learn about planning and implementing marketing efforts
- Familiarity with social media platforms
- The ability to learn and analyze campaign performance
- Have attention to detail
Project Length: 12 weeks
Is this paid? Yes
Our core values:
At South Street Designs, we believe in creating an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves and contribute their unique perspective to the team. We strive to ensure our company culture is grounded in positive values like trust and respect, collaboration, resilience, and innovation. This commitment enables us to build an atmosphere where inclusion and growth are at the forefront. Our goal is to empower each individual to reach their fullest potential while being supported by the team.
We are looking for talented and motivated individuals who want to gain valuable experience and skills in our field.

More Details
Employment Type: Internship
Location: [REMOTE]
Experience Required: Internship
Date Published: 30 Nov 2023
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