Job Description
Job Responsibilities

·         Client Management: Understanding the client requirement and developing a project outline (what is to be done, who will do, by when) from the business proposal

·         Communication: Proactive communication with the client (email updates, tele-calls…), the team (meetings, updates) and reporting heads. Calibrating the client when required about the execution process

·         Team Management: Ability to work with and direct an inter-disciplinary team which consists of UX Design Specialists, Visual Designers, and Technologists

·         Project Management: Breaking down a project into tasks, assigning them to different team members based on skill, setting a time to each task by using an online Project Management tool

·         Project Tracking: Checking about the project milestones everyday, comparing deviations to optimum, working out ways to bring projects back on track and communicating about the changes internally and externally

·         Partner Management: Working with and managing external partners such as freelance developers and designers and ensuring that their work is also aligned with the project plan

·         Presentation: Presenting the work internally and (occasionally, if acceptable) externally

Skills Required

·         2 to 6 years of experience in managing software projects or (preferably) web development projects, preferably in an entrepreneurial (company-size below 250 people, immediate team size <50 people) environment

·         Experience in overseeing Developers and/or Designers (preferably Web/Mobile Designers or Developers) in team sizes of between 4-12 people

·         Ability to plan and direct projects, especially creating and executing web and mobile projects

·         A Certification in Project Management or HCI will be an added advantage, as will be experience in using Project Management tools

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Goa
Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 28 Jan 2019
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