Member Success Associate

Chesapeake , VA , United States

18 Mar 2023

RockBox Fitness Member Success Associate



  • 12$-14$ per hour
  • Unlimited fitness classes (taught by a teammate)
  • Provided (at start) and discounted (throughout tenure) RockBox Brand fitness apparel
  • Potential for company-paid fitness training certifications or recertifications
  • Career Growth: Performance-based opportunities for expanded responsibilities and income

Work Life:

  • Details:
  • Safe, friendly, clean, high-energy, and FUN work environment
  • Reports to General Manager
  • Current and up to date training certifications desired but not required
  • Most all work will be at the fitness studio, but at times some work may be done off-site
  • Typical Schedule:
  • 3 to 5 days per week on average
  • 10-25 hours per week, occasionally more based on business need and/or availability
  • M-F Early shifts start at ~4:30am
  • M-F Late shifts end at ~8pm
  • Weekend shifts start at ~8am
  • Weekend shifts end at ~1pm
  • Weekend availability is preferred
  • Non-compete:
  • Prohibited from simultaneously working for another fitness company and/or from providing personal training services to any person or entity outside of the RockBox branded programs. See below for further details and restrictions.

Job Description

You will have a key role in the successful execution of your RockBox Fitness studio. As a Member Success Associate, your role is primarily responsible for 1) selling memberships, nutrition, apparel, and other services/items to potential and existing clients via phone, text, email, and in-person interactions by believing in, explaining, and ultimately SELLING the clients on the benefits of the RockBox proprietary programs. 2) Executing positive current and prospective client interactions at the front desk by providing excellent customer service, troubleshooting and answering questions, and maintaining a clean, safe, and vibrant area. 3) Assisting trainers with gym and lobby cleanliness, organization, and sanitation.

You will be required to bring consistent positive energy to every single client, potential client, and team member interaction. You will assist the General Manager and Trainers with poise and confidence, remember and use member’s names frequently, and SELL memberships. Before, during, and after classes, you will also ensure all members’ needs are met. Between classes and after each class, you will assist with the execution of spotless and safe studio.

You will demonstrate consistently strong customer service skills, consultative selling skills, a drive to sell and build business, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a passion for your clients’ overall health through RockBox’s unique approach to fitness. You will be responsible for partnering with the General Manager and Trainers to meet or exceed all member acquisition and retention goals for the studio. You will also be an ambassador for RockBox Fitness both inside and outside the studio.

Every day when representing RockBox, you will bring friendly, outgoing, positive, high-energy, confident, enthusiastic, client-focused, business-oriented, value-driven, trustworthy, punctual, reliable, conscientious, and community-focused energy to our clients and teammates.

You will play a major role in the promotion of your RockBox Fitness studio, including consistent on-brand social media posts, phone calls, text messages, email, and one-on-one personal interactions with clients.

You will be encouraged to take a minimum of two classes per week as a client, as loving RockBox and taking class is a key element of our culture, and will also enable you to learn, grow and achieve personal fitness results well above average.

If this is not you, do not apply. Further, if you are not ready and willing to be 100% committed to the RockBox programs, brand, our studio, and our clients, do not apply. Only serious candidates please!

If this is you, AND you are ready to change lives and enjoy a great career with a fast-growing fitness company, please apply by providing your resume along with succinct answers to the following:

1. What is the ONE best word that describes you?

2. What is your best detailed example of a time when you went out of your way to help someone?

3. Why are you passionate about helping others live better lives through fitness?

4. What gets you excited about this career opportunity and why?

Please keep reading for further details on the job role, requirements, responsibilities, expected results, and restrictions…



  • Acquisition and retention of clients through consistently great customer service, energetic classes, social media and personal ownership and drive to succeed.
  • Instrumental in the promotion and SELLING of all internal offers (memberships, personal training, client acquisition, supplements, special offers, member events, non-profit fundraisers, and apparel) through a comprehensive suggestive sales approach with intent and purpose.
  • Partnering on focused social media posts (Instagram and Facebook) for marketing and new client acquisition purposes.
  • Assistance toward high-energy, inspirational, and functional RockBox Fitness classes.
  • Facilitating front desk duties including client check-in, uplift, questions and basic needs.
  • Maintain a clean and safe facility.


  • Exude high-energy positive attitude at all times.
  • Be current on training certifications.*
  • Exhibit a business and client-focused mindset.
  • Learn all internal RockBox Fitness hardware and software applications.
  • Execute point of sale purchases and consistently great customer service.
  • Post to social media consistently (Facebook and Instagram) on RockBox Brand.
  • Wear RockBox apparel inside (required) and outside (as often as possible) studio.
  • Must know and acknowledge all clients BY NAME…every client, every day, every time.
  • Must LOVE appreciating customers and providing them an amazing experience.


  • Beginning of Shift
  • Ensure circuit is set up and in accord with focus area for the day, and review with Featured Trainer.
  • Spot check entry way, restrooms, and locker areas to ensure a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Be personally ready to go 15 minutes prior to start of the first class to greet members and give them your full attention upon arrival.
  • Emphatically greet all members by name within 10 seconds of entry (a person’s own name is the sweetest sound in the English language).
  • Remind members to book on the app, check-in upon arrival, and get ready to go.
  • Know internal promotions and be ready to verbal communicate and remind.
  • During Class, at the Front Desk (main tasks):
  • Work the Club Ready Lead Management task lists.
  • Welcome and engage with walk-in prospective clients.
  • Create and post social media content.
  • Engage with current and prospective clients on social media.
  • Organize and maintain administrative tasks, paperwork, files, etc.
  • Execute various other tasks/responsibilities as directed by the GM or Featured Trainers.
  • During Class, in the gym (as needed):
  • Assist, demonstrate, and coach with purpose, intent, energy, and presence.
  • “Work the room” by moving about constantly and interacting with everyone personally by name. Action breeds action. Help create a fun and engaging atmosphere.
  • Practice 2/2/2 – Two uses of each members name during workout. Two form corrections/adjustments for each member during session, always with positive encouragement. Two APPROPRIATE touches like fist bumps, light back pats, and form correction with permission.
  • After Class and Between Classes
  • Appreciate each member for their attendance and check to see how they are doing, and that they enjoyed the class.
  • Answer their questions, engage new prospects, focus on the closing sell (if needed), encourage them to post on social media, and set an expectation to “see them next time.”
  • Reset and assist with cleaning all equipment so it is ready for the next session.
  • Check to maintain safe, clean, and sanitary restrooms, entryway, and locker areas.
  • Refill spray bottles and replenish towels as needed.
  • End of Shift
  • Reset and CLEAN all equipment (as needed).
  • Refill spray bottles and replenish towels (as needed).
  • Break down and put away all equipment used in circuit (unless leaving it up for next trainer).
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms, entryway, and locker areas. Mop workout floor (as needed).

Expected Team and/or Individual Results and Key Performance Indicators:

  • Club Ready Lead Management task list completion
  • Create and post social media content
  • Engage with current and prospective clients on social media.
  • Assist with month-to-month membership and revenue growth
  • Close a certain percentage of first-time experiences
  • Convert a certain percentage of 6 Week Challengers to 12-month ETF members
  • Recover a certain percentage of members looking to cancel
  • Maintain monthly member turnover at a certain percentage
  • Drive consistently positive member feedback, measured by comments and feedback sessions
  • Zero accidents or injuries through a safe, clean, and sanitary facility that is to RockBox standards, and clients who are consistently coached/reminded of proper technique
  • Zero theft or internal loss
  • Partner to execute one charity event and/or member appreciation event every 2 months

Entry Level

Part Time

Chesapeake VA United States

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