Job Description

Job Description:

As a DevOps Engineer in a SaaS company, your primary responsibility will be to build and maintain the infrastructure necessary to support the company's software applications and services. This includes working closely with software developers, system administrators, and other stakeholders to ensure that the infrastructure is secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.

- Experience - 1-3 years

- Job Location - Remote

- Shift timing - UK or PST (US)


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Designing, building, and maintaining cloud-based infrastructure such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.

  2. Managing the company's CI/CD pipeline to ensure that code changes are deployed quickly and reliably using tools like Jenkins, YAML and Manifest.

  3. Proficient with Docker based container deployments. Experience in working on Docker hub, creating and managing multiple Images.

  1. Experience on Configuration Management tools like Ansible. Like configuring the new roles and playbooks for new migration tasks.

  2. Good knowledge in version control system like Bitbucket, Git or GitHub.

  3. Monitoring the infrastructure and applications using tools such as Nagios, New Relic, or Datadog, and responding to alerts in a timely manner.

  4. Hands on experience of creating, managing, backup of SQL database like MySQL, MSSQL, etc.

  5. Collaborating with software developers to optimize application setup, performance, monitoring, maintenance and troubleshoot issues.

  6. Hands on experience on web server like Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTPD, etc.

  7. Generalising process for ease deployment to client side.

  8. Maintaining low downtime of servers by Monitoring cloud infrastructure and services, including configuration, scaling, etc.

  9. Automating process using deployment on Kubernetes cluster for less manual intervention.

  10. Responsible for handling request based on incidents and providing technical support to other teams within the company and end-users as needed.

  11. Developing and implementing security protocols and policies to ensure data protection and compliance.

  12. Staying up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies in DevOps and cloud computing.


Job Requirements:

  1. A degree in computer science, information security or related field, as well as good hands on experience with cloud platforms like GCP, AWS or Azure.

  2. Strong background in Linux/Unix systems administration, scripting languages such as Bash or Python.

  3. Experience with cloud-based infrastructure and virtualization technologies such as VMWare and Docker.

  4. Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and have excellent communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

  5. Experience in SaaS companies is a plus.

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: [REMOTE]
Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 16 Mar 2023
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