Job Description

QuEra Computing is seeking a creative and collaborative Scientific Software Engineer who will help solve the unique challenges of developing emulation of our neutral-atom platform with state-of-the-art emulation algorithms and software technology. We're introducing these capabilities as a service that can be used by scientists and organizations throughout the world to explore the applications possible with QuEra's neutral-atom quantum computer.


  • Develop and maintain numerical simulation software for neutral-atom quantum computers
  • Communicate and collaborate with QuEra scientists and external customers to meet their use case requirements
  • Work with open source community to develop software and solve issues
  • Integrate simulation tools with other parts of the software stack

Desired Experience

  • Experience with high-performance computing concepts and tools, and familiar with parallel programming techniques such as SIMD, CUDA, MPI etc.
  • Strong knowledge of tensor network techniques, ODE solvers, and linear algebra
  • Experience in quantum many-body system simulation and open quantum system simulation
  • Experience using cloud providers to run CPU and GPU-intensive compute jobs
  • Experience in open-source scientific/quantum software development
  • Familiarity with Julia is preferable

Required Qualifications

  • BSc, MSc or Ph.D. in Computational Condensed Matter Physics background, or equivalent professional experience
  • Experience with at least one high performance computing language, such as C, C++, or Julia
More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Boston , MA , United States
Experience Required: Mid-Senior Level
Date Published: 14 Mar 2022
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