Job Description

At QuEra, we build trapped-atom quantum computers and operate them for customers via the cloud. This enables our customers to both drive technological innovation and develop business applications within this revolutionary computing paradigm without laying their hands on the hardware. 

We seek to hire a quantum operations technician - a critical role for our business - to help the team run the machines in our Quantum Data Center with high reliability for users both outside and inside the QuEra team. This role would be our first line of defense in recovering from service disruptions and equipment failures on the hardware side, and will be essential to drive system development and new engineering for reliability.

Key responsibilities:

  •  Troubleshoot and fix hardware failures as described in operational procedures, with emphasis on immediate response time and well-understood failure modes.

  • Call in expert help when failure not covered by operational procedures and is outside the scope of the operator's knowledge.

  • Work with component and subsystem vendors to establish reliable service and procure & test backups.

  • Maintain a detailed log of service disruptions and equipment failures and synthesize recommendations to improve system reliability. Help implement and improve interlock and alarm systems.

  • Maintain and expand system documentation and operations training materials.

  • Set the machine up for client job execution on a regular schedule

Candidates should have:

  • Bachelor's or professional STEM degree with hands-on build or laboratory experience

  • Experience operating and maintaining complex machines in a demanding and variable user environment

  • Passion for technical troubleshooting, including electronic lock-in and free-space optics alignment

  • Commitment to take on the responsibilities and challenges of a technical first responder in a first-of-its-kind Quantum Data Center

Preferred qualifications include:

  • Experience on the service side at a scientific user facility

  • Experience working with scientists to troubleshoot complex systems and develop procedures

  • Hands-on experience operating laser systems

  • Hands-on experience with free-space optics and fiber components

  • Hands-on experience with networking

  • Hands-on coding experience with Python or similar language

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Boston , MA , United States
Experience Required: Mid-Senior Level
Date Published: 09 Mar 2022
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