Job Description

QuEra is Computing Inc. is seeking an experienced laboratory manager. As a laboratory manager your duties are to oversee the operations of a laser physics lab. Your responsibilities will involve facilitating necessary maintenance, installing equipment for researchers, and maintaining workflow so that research activities meet deadlines and benchmarks. You are also responsible for maintaining inventory and obtaining supplies for lab operations. You will work with vendors to ensure supplies and services are delivered accurately and on-time.

Responsibilities Include

  • Management: Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements; conducting laboratory inspections as necessary; reviewing laboratory protocols of groups (internal and external) so as to understand all projects occurring within the lab;
  • Operations: Monitoring inventory and ordering supplies as necessary; scheduling laboratory and equipment time for staff; acting as a liaison between staff and key stakeholders; receiving package deliveries and infrequent shipping of packages
  • Training: Ensuring that all team members have been trained to use laboratory equipment, software, and supplies safely and efficiently.
  • Safety: Updating the lab safety plan and safety data sheets (SDS) as necessary; scheduling safety training for new hires or team members entering new roles; enforcing policies around personal protective equipment.
  • Maintenance: Overseeing the cleansing of the lab; ensuring all equipment and instruments function correctly and initiating repair or maintenance of said equipment as necessary.

Candidates Should Have

  • Bachelor’s degree in hard science or engineering
  • 3+ years experience in a scientific lab
  • Basic machine shop skills
  • Familiarity with basic scientific equipment (multi-meters, oscilloscopes, generators etc.)
  • Basic IT operating system and network skills
More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Boston , MA , United States
Experience Required: Mid-Senior Level
Date Published: 08 Apr 2022
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