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An essential step towards scaling up commercially applicable quantum computers is to invent the classical control hardware that will scale with them. As an electrical engineer at QuEra, you will have the opportunity to define and drive the development of technology that answers the unique challenges posed by state-of-the-art quantum computers, from massively multichannel microwave controllers to high-bandwidth optoelectronics. You will work closely with a small, multidisciplinary team of talented fellow engineers, developers, and scientists in a motivating and mission-driven environment. Familiarity with quantum information is not necessary for this position, but candidates should display a deep interest in quantum technologies, and possess the highest ability to explain basic engineering concepts and design decisions. 

  • Candidates should have

    • A degree in electrical engineering, microwave engineering or a related discipline,

    • Experience with on-chip waveform synthesis or software-defined radio,

    • Experience with analog circuit design and development, including simulation,

    • Familiarity with laboratory test and measurement equipment, and

    • Ability to estimate and attack complex architecture opportunities with minimal oversight.

  • Preferred qualifications include 

    • An advanced degree in electrical engineering, microwave engineering or a related discipline,

    • 5+ years of full device lifecycle development experience for microwave or optical communications, LIDAR, or a related application,

    • Experience with physical modeling using COMSOL, and

    • Familiarity with CMOS integration of microwave and optoelectronic devices.

About QuEra:

QuEra Computing is a neutral-atoms-based quantum computing startup, located in Boston, near Harvard University. The company is founded on pioneering research recently conducted at Harvard and MIT. At QuEra, our mission is to build the industry’s most scalable quantum computers to tackle useful but classically intractable problems for commercially relevant applications in optimization, simulation, materials science, pharmaceuticals, and more. We are assembling a visionary team of multidisciplinary inventors and are hiring at all levels.

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Boston , MA , United States
Experience Required: Mid-Senior Level
Date Published: 18 Sep 2020
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