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To be a geek at you need to know how to build scalable and high-performance systems. We start with a proof of concept that demands a traffic rate of 10M+! To achieve any of this you need to understand Distributed Systems, Distributed Caching, High-scale Databases. And we possess the skills to create software that makes this entire heterogeneous system function together even if it runs on the number of boxes. A system that is so widely used cannot sustain any downtime and hence it uses elegant high-availability techniques to survive an outage. Not many startups can say “been there, done that”! 
Key Attributes you’d need to possess 
Strong Computer Science Skills 
Problem-solving, research skills, reading comprehension, the ability to know how to use the library functions, and understanding computing problems, design patterns, and frameworks are other skills that are valuable to have. 
Be a team player 
Engineers who are team players are much more likely to be successful in their careers than lone-wolf types. There’s a pop-culture stereotype of the brilliant but emotionally stunted programmer – someone who can pull off heroic feats of code-slinging but can’t connect with the people around them. 
Pay strong attention to detail 
Developers who pay attention to detail tend to write higher-quality code. Computers only do what you tell them to do. If a code does not compile or a product has a bug, it’s not the computer’s fault. Exercising the ability to think through corner cases and writing codes that will handle various use cases allow for a much easier development process. 
Here’s how a typical week would look like: 
● Implement solutions for broadly defined problems. 
● Drive best practices and engineering excellence.
● Be involved in the development of code in object-oriented languages like Java etc and build large scale robust distributed systems.
● Be involved in full-fledged product development. 
● Build New Features, Push them to production fast. 
● Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack.
● Build services or APIs which will for easy application integrations at to develop applications faster. 
● Build scalable/fault-tolerant backend systems that process and analyze billions of data points every day. 

Skills Required
● 1-3 years of experience in building successful production software systems. 
● A solid grounding in Computer Science fundamentals (based on a BE/BTech or MS in Computer Science). 
● Experience developing software services and an understanding of design for scalability, performance, and reliability. 
● Mastery of the tools of the trade, including a variety of modern programming languages (Java, JavaScript, C/C++) and open-source technologies (Linux, Spring).
● Proven ability to work in a fast-paced, agile and in an ownership and results-oriented culture.
More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Pune , maharashtra , India
Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 10 Jul 2019
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