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About OnFinality (+ SubQuery & Aoraki)

OnFinality is an organisation dedicated to providing key infrastructure services to the Blockchain community. OnFinality, and its child project SubQuery, is a small but growing organisation based in Auckland providing services to the world. 

OnFinality’s aim is to support growing teams with infrastructure and API services. We provide easy to use infrastructure automation tools to reduce the amount of time development teams need to spend managing and deploying infrastructure. We also provide free mission-critical public services to various networks via our API service (providing over 50 million API requests each day).

SubQuery is all about making the world’s decentralised data more accessible. Every team needs to process and query decentralised data - historically this data is in a format that makes it difficult to read. We transform and save this data to make it easier and faster to allow it to be used in more complex applications.

We’re all about helping others create new products that will help us transition to the web3 future.

About the Role

OnFinality is looking for a highly talented Business Development and Community Manager to help us carry out our strategy in North America, and Europe. You will be responsible for handling client inquiries, managing client accounts, and ensuring excellent services are provided. 

With the hockey stick growth in both SubQuery and OnFinality, this exciting opportunity will involve striking up new relationships, identifying strategic business and partnership opportunities, and inviting decentralised businesses, influencers, and individuals into our community.


This role depends on good communication, flexibility, and an enterprising attitude and may include the following responsibilities:

  • Build a network of relationships across the industry with partners, potential partners, competitors, investors, influencers, and thought leaders

  • Develop growth strategies and plans

  • Oversee a deal from start to finish, work to identify the opportunities, build the business case, gain approval from business leaders, and execute the deal

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of our products and value propositions

  • Identify and map business strengths and customer needs

  • Writing literature and content for our social media strategies

  • Representing SubQuery and OnFinality at events in person on your side of the world.


  • 2+ years of experience in B2B sales (preferably in Crypto Industry)

  • Deep understanding of the Cryptocurrency market, sales channels, leading companies and influencers in the industry

  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and hunger for growth and results

  • Strong customer orientation, negotiation, and managerial skills

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to create relationships and influence others

  • Exceptional planning and time management skills

  • Fluency in English

You can expect

  • You’ll be playing a core role in one of the two top Polkadot projects in the world

  • To learn a huge amount about the thriving industry that we’re in and forge deep relationships with other industry players

  • A flexible work environment and schedule where we trust our team with high degrees of autonomy

  • A competitive salary based on your experience

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: [REMOTE]
Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 08 Jun 2021
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