Job Description

We are looking for highly coordinated candidates for the post of mail Clerk. Successful candidate will ensure to manage packages and outgoing mails, and ensure they are properly labeled and packaged for outgoing post and keeping comprehensive records of all incoming packages, including dimensions and weight ,
Arrange mails for deliveries
Sort mail in category and by department
Utilise administrative technology and sorting machines
Manage packages and outgoing messages
Misdirected mail should Forwarded
Ensure proper label for packaging outgoing post.
Deliver mail to individuals and departments, ensuring the relevant parties receive and sign off
Keep records of inventory mailing supplies
Sign certified mail off
Keep accurate records of weight and dimensions including Incoming packages
Logging incoming mail in company systems.
Grade 12 , diploma , degree
Previous mailroom experience required. Without prior experience but successful will be trained  
Skilled with sort machines.
Knowledgeable with basic computer
Excellent organisational abilities
Attention to detail and diligence
Good interpersonal abilities.
Excellent Verbal and written communication.

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Sandton , Gauteng , South Africa
Experience Required: Entry Level
Date Published: 11 May 2021
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