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Launchd Support is looking for an Operations Manager to help manage and grow our Skopje Service Center. 

Launchd support is a BPO tailored to US startups, we match our US partners with the best talent Macedonia has to offer. Launchd also strives to support our Launchd Reps as they advance their careers, and make the biggest impact possible in their careers. 

Ultimately, what this role will require is someone with a "Do it all" attitude, willing to work with the current team to continue to build and improve Launchd. 

The role requires someone willing to work in the fast paced, demanding startup enviornement, that is as challanging as it is rewarding. 

The operations manager, will work closely with the current leadership team build processes and workflows to meet current business needs. 

The scope of the position will include: Recruiting, Interviewing, Training, Office Management, Client Prospecting, and other needs as they present themselves to the leadership team. 

The Operations Manager will enjoy the full support of the Leadership team, and the whole Launchd team. 

Skills Required

- Work experience is a plus - but not a requirement - Launchd strives to help people build amazing careers, no matter at what stage. 

- Experience with MS Office, GSuite, and an ability to learn software quickly.

- Must be a people person - building and maintaining relationships will be a must in this role. 

- Attention to detail, organization, and an ability to stay focused and most fast. 

- College Degree preffered. (Top students will be considered as well)

- Positive mental attitude. 

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Skopje
Experience Required: Entry Level
Date Published: 26 Jul 2019
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