Job Description

Job Brief:

Reporting to the Service Delivery Manager, The Service Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the quality of services and behaviour of support workers within GAVAL accommodation services.  The role manages the day-to-day duties of support workers ensuring that all staff are working within their scope of practice (qualification level) and within their position description. Each Service Coordinator must be familiar with and be working within the NDIS Quality and Safety Standards 2018 which is the GAVAL quality framework.  The quality framework includes the Code of Conduct, and it is imperative a Service Coordinator monitors all staff in alignment with the Codes of Conduct, their position description and key performance indicators. This role is crucial to the proper functioning of the Client Services team, and you are expected to lead by example while you carry out all tasks in a positive and friendly manner, in accordance with GAVAL Policies and Procedures..


  • Provide oversight, leadership, mentorship, and supervision to GAVAL support workers.
  • Monitoring and championing a person-centred approach to care and support that uses communication to ensure all staff workers understand the concept and implementation of person-centred care. 
  • Be accountable for the Support Independent Living services and Rosters of Care
  • Monitor support worker performance and ethics in terms of absenteeism and Code of Conduct (NDIS and General)
  • Provide individual and/or group supervision to the Support Workers in line with the meeting and supervision schedule.
  • Ensure Support Workers attend meetings and/or supervision, keeping track of their attendance. 
  • Report weekly to the Service Delivery Manager, any problems with Support Worker performance. 
  • Assess gaps in knowledge of the Support Workers and report result to Service Delivery Manager. 
  • Monitor care, activity, staff actions and behaviour against the NDIS Quality and Safety Standards 2018 by conducting scheduled and random internal audits.
  • Ensure a schedule of internal audits on accommodation properties and services delivered is overseen.
  • Ensure all staff follow the documents and approved Incident Management Process.
  • Where staff are not following the incident management process, this is reported to the Service Delivery Manager to collaborate on.
  • All received complaints, incidents or any other report or issue are properly investigated and recorded.
  • Ensure no staff member is working outside of their scope of competency, or outside of their position description. Where duties differ to position description this is discussed and remediated with Service Delivery Manager. 
  • Where staff, participants, stakeholders, or carers wish to provide feedback, this is taken formerly and entered into the GAVAL Complaints Handling and Management System
  • Regularly review client files for currency of participant risk assessment review dates, NDIS funding plan review dates and submitting reports and oversight from field work
  • Champion, role model and mentor staff in balancing the dignity of risk vs duty of care requirements in the disability service delivery sector.
  • Property inspections of accommodation are conducted on a three-monthly basis and reported back formerly to the Service Delivery Manager.
  • All property maintenance requests are documented and processed formerly.
  • Maintain oversight of the clients you oversee, and the appointments they are involved in.
  • Where flow charts for processes are in place, ensure support workers always understand that it is their duty to follow these processes and where 4 occasions of non-adherence occur, a performance management process must follow.
  • Must keep on top of due dates for NDIS plan reviews. Your manager must be advised prior to a plan expiring. 
  • Any sign in and sign out process (ie: Staff clock in/clock out) required by GAVAL is monitored by the Service Coordinator and where lapses occur performance management will occur. 

Skills Required:

  • Comprehensive understanding of community networks and relevant legislation, such as the NDIS.
  • Demonstrate experiences and understanding of individualized assessment and restrictive practices approaches.
  • Highly developed interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills, with the ability to develop relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. 
  • Varied and relevant experience in community services with an emphasis on the design of innovative, flexible, and holistic individualized plans and associated costings. 
  • Broad knowledge of finances processes and guidelines related to individual funding and budgets and high level conceptual and analytical skills to assess and develop same
  • Demonstrated proficiency in range of IT applications.
  • Sound organizational skills with the ability to work independently, meet deadlines and manage competing priorities.
  • Knowledge of key reform agendas currently impacting the community services sector. 
  • Must be available on call 
  • Completion of a relevant tertiary level qualification preferably in disability and mental health

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More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Port Adelaide , South Australia , Australia
Experience Required: Mid-Senior Level
Date Published: 11 Jun 2024
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