Job Description

In this text, the masculine gender is used throughout this Web site solely to make the text easier to read and therefore applies to all individuals regardless of their gender.


In this role, you will offer personalized learning support to our Learning Centre's students, in your fields of interest and for which you qualify, via our dedicated online portal. As an online trainer/tutor, you are expected to build a good rapport with the learners and leverage the tools and resources available, and collaborate with your teammates at delivering and improve personalized online learning activities in One-To-One or Groups virtual sessions.


The main duties include the following:

Understanding the Learning Centre's policy, rules and guidelines and procedures in relation to the services offered.

Maintaining a clear and up-to-date police check (vulnerable sector) record in relation to the position.

Taking the mandatory and recommended continuing education programs and courses to maintain the qualification for the role.

Facilitating live One-To-One and/or Group Online sessions with the target group of learners you are qualified and interested to work with. This entails the following:

  • Understanding the students learning objectives.

  • Implementing learning support strategies with the learners, in compliance with and under the supervision of the Centre's policy and guidelines.

Monitoring and reporting on the learners’ performance. This entails the following:

  • Monitoring the learners’ progress in learning, using the available Learning Management Systems available.

  • Providing live feedback to the Centre's administrators and parents (in case of minor students) at the end of each session, using the appropriate survey and reporting tools available at the centre.

Assisting the Learning Centre's Administration in Improving the Services, by providing feedback and input at team huddles, and discussion forums.


Profile of learners

Based on your qualifications and experience, you will be working with one or many of the following profile of learners :

  • School aged Kids (Clear Police Record Check - Vulnerable Sector, is required )

  • College and University Students.

  • Adults & Professionals

  • Adults with special needs.

  • Organizations and business staff members.


Technical requirements

The technical requirements for this position are the following:

  • A noiseless work space at home, inaccessible to third parties during the servicing period.

  • A PC or laptop computer meeting the following minimum requirements:

    • A dual core processor of at least 2.8GHz (suggested).

    • 20 GB free hard drive space 4 GB of RAM memory

    • A Windows 7 or 10 operating system.

  • An internet connection meeting the following requirements:

    • The upload speed is 10mbps and the upload speed is 3mbps.

    • The maximum latency threshold: 120 milliseconds

  • A USB headset with microphone.



Professional Requirements

Applicants must be a university undergraduate or graduate degree holder or be currently actively attending a relevant university undergraduate or graduate program.

Successful candidates in this role demonstrate and develop the following set of functional and behavioural skills:

Digital literacy and basic computer skills.

Fluency in written and verbal communication in the language of work is a must.

A good understanding of the online working environment and its existing tools, the business policies and procedures.

Leadership and empathy, the ability to establish a natural and warm connection with each learner, understand their needs and managing their expectations as well as addressing efficiently their questions and concerns, is a determiner in the overall team growth and Centre's success. Furthermore, this role demands a good work ethics, transparency, and the ability to work under pressure and multi-tasking.

Online Privacy and Security Awareness, due diligence, team spirit, discipline and autonomy at work, is also essential in this role.

Finally, 1 year of prior work experience in a similar position is an asset.

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Employment Type: Contract
Location: [REMOTE]
Experience Required: Associate
Date Published: 24 Jan 2021
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