HR Manager Intern


04 Jun 2021

1. Job Description

The main tasks of an HR Manager may include:

a)       Communication with applicants.

b)      Creating job advertisements and contacting universities.

c)       Monitoring and maintaining the HR databases.

d)      Managing the recruitment process (analysing CVs, conducting Skype interviews, etc.).

e)       Leading the training exercises and first day activities for new interns.

f)        Dealing with administrative tasks relating to new interns and leaving interns.

g)       Creating a strategy on how to manage the productivity and motivation of interns.

h)      Preparing team building activities.


2. Requirements

a)       Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing in English.

b)      Excellent communication skills.

c)       Knowledge of methods of the recruitment process.


3. Desired Skills from you

a)       Accountability, creativity, and enthusiasm.

b)      Experience with managing and leading people.

c)       Organisational skills, with a proven ability to meet deadlines.

d)      A good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

e)       Ability to take initiative and proactive approach.


4. Formal Requirements

a)       The general requirement for all interns is to have a university-internship agreement with D2 (Agreement provided by your university or any internship program such as Erasmus+).

b)      Valid health insurance coverage for the entire duration of the internship.

c)       Own laptop with Microsoft office programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

d)      Minimum duration of internship is 3 months.


5. What we offer

a)       Personal development - we provide a chance for our trainees to face a real challenge, so the internship is not about making coffee or copies of documents. Interns work in the back office of projects and are given a lot of responsibility.

b)      We give the opportunity to experience work in an open-minded company, in a multicultural environment.

c)       Each intern gets an evaluation certificate describing the tasks, achievements, and final grade. If the intern gets a high grade in the evaluation, he or she will receive a letter of recommendation signed by the Managing director, which will be extremely valuable for job and university applications. In addition, D2 is always happy to give references for interns who demonstrated great results.


6. About D2

D2 is a company that provides analytic insights and intelligence about Countries, Regions and Cities.

Our proprietary software reveals the appeal by gathering all searches performed on a global level towards Countries, Regions and Cities. Every year, we publish the Digital Country and Digital City Indexes which measure the interest and performance of countries and cities in the areas of Tourism, Investment, Export, Talent and National Prominence.

The World Economic Forum includes D2 data in their Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2017 edition as a source to assess global touristic appeal.

Since 2014, D2 has been working for more than 20 organizations.

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