Job Description

The Sr. Researcher listens, questions, observes, field tests, and seeks to understand the needs of the product user. The Sr. Researcher’s insights and observations are integrated into product R&D, design, product development, and marketing process to help create the unexpected. The Sr. Researcher has a strong skill for observing the environment and understanding participants' thought process and developing trends, as well as a relentless curiosity and passion for product development.



  • Distills project goals and research questions to plan and design user research, including developing study designs, discussion guides, interviews, focus groups, survey objectives and persona creation. To ensure the User Research helps meet our strategic business and user experience goals. 
  • Translates user behavior and needs into usable data for product development teams
  • Plans, designs, and conducts rigorous in-person usability testing, field testing, and ethnographic research
  • Uses card-sorting or similar attribute-based approach to positioning
  • Creates data-driven research reports including user profiles, day-in-the-life scenarios, workflows and use-case documents to help deepen organizational understanding of Oakley’s users
  • Carries out analytics research, including competitive product benchmark and heuristic evaluations
  • Imports, cleans, and visualizes data using R Studio or similar
  • Presents summarized research results directly to the innovation and design teams to influence product integration
  • Provides design suggestions, wireframes based on data, observation, research, and expertise
  •  Use a variety of research methods including, but not limited to, qualitative interviews, usability testing, heuristic analysis, and surveys
  • Translating user behavior and needs into usable data for product development teams
  • Plans, designs, and conducts rigorous Remote usability testing, field testing, and ethnographic research
  • Advocate and carry Design thinking workshops
  •  Mentoring our UX/UI designers on UX Research and teach them how to conduct basic qualitative tests on their designs.
  • Translate customer insights into actionable recommendations. Communicate insights within the product and engineering teams in a format that inspires action.
  • Advocate research findings to diverse audiences through written reports, in-person presentations, or facilitation of co-synthesis and design thinking workshops.
  • Ability to wireframe and design your research solutions using tools like figma, XD 


A consistent track record and portfolio of experience research that has succeeded in improving productivity.

  •  5+ years of experience working in the field of user experience.
  • Well versed in user experience strategy, process and design thinking.
  • Very strong interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.
  • Basic understanding of how qualitative and quantitative methods complement each other, and when each is appropriate
  •  Experience creating UX tools such as journey maps, personas, empathy maps, etc.
  • Experience in a Remote user recruitment tool (User Interviews, UserTesting, Playbook UX, SurveyMonkey)
  • Fluent in current and emerging trends.
  • Ability to tell a story and visualize/present research data simply and clearly

 A never-ending curiosity and a real passion for all things design.

More Details
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Remote , Sri Lanka , Sri Lanka
Experience Required: Mid-Senior Level
Date Published: 09 Jan 2021
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