AI-driven 2D/3D Animator and Cartoonist- remote


14 Feb 2024


Job Description:
We are searching for a skilled AI-driven 2D/3D Animator and Cartoonist to join our dynamic team. You will be embarking on an exciting project to produce regular animated online series, aiming to release 1 to 2 long-form videos per week. This role requires a unique blend of traditional animation prowess and proficiency in the latest AI technologies, and ability to work under production pressure to meet production deadlines.

Key Responsibilities:
- Collaborate closely with writers and content creators to turn scripts and ideas into compelling 2D and 3D animated cartoons and videos.
- Utilize advanced AI text-to-image and text-to-video tools to streamline and enhance the animation process, while also applying traditional animation techniques where AI falls short.
- Apply strong animation fundamentals, including character movement, timing, and pacing, to create fluid and lifelike animations.
- Regularly produce content for our YouTube channel, contributing to 1 to 2 videos per week, maintaining a consistent quality and style.
- Adapt designs and animations based on collaborative feedback, ensuring alignment with the artistic vision of each series.
- Stay informed on the latest developments in AI and traditional animation techniques, leveraging these tools to innovate and improve our creative output.
- Collaborate seamlessly with other team members, ensuring artistic coherence and consistency across projects.
- Manage time and priorities effectively to meet the regular content release schedule.

- Proven experience in 2D/3D animation and cartooning, with a strong portfolio demonstrating a wide range of skills and styles.
- Proficiency in AI-driven animation tools alongside traditional animation methods.
- Expertise in key animation principles, such as character dynamics, expression, and storytelling through motion.
- Strong communication skills, enabling effective teamwork and collaboration.
- Familiarity with industry-standard animation and design software, including Adobe Creative Suite and other relevant animation tools.
- Ability to adapt to evolving project requirements and constructive feedback.
- Commitment to regular content creation, meeting the demands of a weekly YouTube series schedule.

We are excited to welcome a talented animator who is passionate about combining traditional techniques with AI innovations to create engaging and regular animated content. If you're ready to contribute to the growth of our online animated story series and be part of a cutting-edge animation team, please apply with your resume, cover letter, and portfolio.



Mid-Senior Level

Full Time


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