Front-end 3D web developer

Barcelona , Barcelona , Spain

05 May 2024

Axiomatic_AI's mission: 
Axiomatic_AI is launching with the aim to accelerate R&D by "Automated Interpretable Reasoning" (AIR) -- a verifiably truthful AI model built for reasoning in science and engineering. Axiomatic_AI is hiring top talent interested in a future of human reasoning aided by -- not replaced by -- AI, and a future that empowers a new generation of innovators to solve important problems through deep-tech engineering in the semiconductor ecosystem.

Job description and responsibilities:
You will lead the development of the user interface for our reasoning AI R&D assistant. We are seeking a candidate with demonstrated experience in building fast-reacting, well-structured web apps. You will receive full support from our team of scientists and software developers. Previous experience in chatbots, AI, and machine learning is a plus, as well as a background in physics, mathematics, or computer science.

- HTML, CSS, JavaScript
- SQL, NoSQL, API Integration
- React or Angular
- Data visualization 
- Interactive 2D and 3D graphics rendering 
- git
- Sketching tools, like Figma

Optional skills:
- Full-Stack (eg, Python, node.js, Cloud computing)
- Testing frameworks
- UX design

What We Offer:
-A competitive compensation package, including equity in a VC-backed startup.
-Comprehensive benefits, and a flexible PTO policy.
-An opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking company from its stealth phase through to public launch and beyond.
-The opportunity to work on pioneering projects that blend scientific research with practical hardware design
-A culture of learning & innovation ideal for professional development
-A fast-paced, highly dynamic and interdisciplinary work environment


Full Time

Barcelona Barcelona Spain

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