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The Infection Control Nurse is a Registered Nurse who provides comprehensive management of Infection Prevention and Control in the Hospital. The Infection Control Nurse uses knowledge and skills to make clinical decisions, develop plans of care and evaluate the effectiveness of care for patients and staff. The Infection Control Nurse is responsible for the surveillance, analysis and reporting of nosocomial infection; educating employees about infection control; and the development of health system policies and procedures to insure rigorous infection control standards are met.

Educational Requirements & Professional Experience/ Knowledge:

·         Bachelor Degree in Nursing 

·         Post Graduate Degree or Diploma/Certificate of approved Infection Control course .

·         Current license to practice nursing in country of origin 

·         BLS certification

·         Minimum 4-6 years general medical / surgical /critical care experience

·         At least 3-5 years of experience in a lead role in Infection Control 

·         Private hospital experience preferred


Essential Specialized Skills :

·         Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills

·         Ability to prioritize and multi-task in assigned environment

·         Communicates clearly and concisely in both oral and written format

·         Ability to be flexible and adaptable in a variety of situations

·         Selective Attention – the ability to concentrate on a task over a period of time without being distracted

·         Good critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills to ensure safe nursing practice and high quality care using logic and reasoning 

·         Use emotional intelligence to guide thinking and behavior, and manage/adjust emotions to adapt to environments

·         Ability to perform the assigned duties to the level of expectation


Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

·         Supports staff in the care of patients with infection and collaborates with multidisciplinary care givers in revising treatment regimens.

·         Demonstrates problem solving / critical thinking skills ensuring effective functioning of job performance.

·         Assesses the educational needs of staff related to infection control and prevention, and assists in providing educational programs for staff in coordination with the unit nurse manager/designee.

·         Teaches, supports, coaches and mentors nursing staff to promote evidence-based practice, knowledge, skills, and professional development related to infection control and prevention.

·         Liaises with hospital departments in monitoring standards of care relating to infection control and prevention. Reviews appropriate policies, procedures and updates according to evidence based, best practices.

·         Participates in unit/departmental meetings and committees/projects as required.

·         Leads the Infection Control link meetings and guides the link workers on best practices in infection control and prevention. Reports notifiable diseases to the Ministry and Department of Health/DHA thus ensuring American Hospital Dubai compliance with National health directives.

·         Liaises with and updates the Physicians and multidisciplinary team for any significant changes in the plan of care of infections.

·         Takes part in the nursing orientation to orient about infection control services.

·         Assesses staff’s skills for wound care management and provides additional training as needed.

·         Performs infection control management in accordance with established standards, policies and procedures and best practice guidelines.

·         Maintains accurate and thorough documentation following established standards.

·         Conducts on-going surveillance using Center of Disease Control (CDC) criteria.

·         Documents and investigates nosocomial infections through review of admission diagnosis, microbiology culture results, isolation orders, patient records, consultation requests and post-discharge surveillance.

·         Conducts environmental rounds in all in-patient and out-patient care areas. Collect data on the incidence of selected device use in identified intensive care units.

·         Participates in investigations of unusual hospital infections outbreaks utilizing the microbiology laboratory, consultation with Infectious Diseases Physician, Department of Health and report epidemiologically significant findings to appropriate customers.

·         Provides input in the selection of Quality measures related to infection control and collects and analyses data accordingly.

·         Reports all in-house patients with communicable disease to the health department and maintains appropriate records. Compiles and interprets surveillance reports to Infection Control committee, specialty areas and executive medical committee on a regular basis.

·         Receives, collates and formats surveillance data into managerial reports and disseminates information to all end users.

·         Acts as an advisory resource on Infection Control issues for Nursing Administration, In-patient and Out-patient Departments.

·         Develops a close working relationship with all clinical staff in order to promote a consistent and collaborative approach to Infection Control including the Purchasing Department thereby ensuring that the Infection Control Nurse is consulted prior to the purchase of equipment/consumables which may have impact on patient care.

·         Monitors and evaluates isolation, aseptic and patient care techniques in order to maintain optimum care to patients and safeguards American Hospital staff.

·         Develops and updates isolation techniques and procedures in accordance with current standards of practice, rules and regulations.

·         Makes recommendations regarding construction, renovation, environmental rounds, and assures compliance with national and/or professional standards.

·         Maintains current knowledge of recent advances in Infection Control both international and local issues, promoting evidence-based practice at all times. Disseminates information as appropriate.

·         Initiates new programs of education and training to facilitate changes in practice.

·         In collaboration with units and departments, participates in the assessment of the equipment, techniques, products etc., in relation to Infection Control, making recommendations for specific education and training.


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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Dubai , Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Experience Required: Mid-Senior Level
Date Published: 04 Aug 2020
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