Job Description

Opportunity Description:

  • Our clinic is in a prime location in the center of Tsawwassen, a growing oceanside community thirty minutes south of Vancouver. 

  • Opportunity is a full or part-time independent contractor position within an existing multi-disciplinary practice. 

  • Patients are diverse and mostly covered by group benefit plans. Very little ICBC, WCB, or MSP. 

  • Compensation is based on billings and hours worked with fixed clinic fees based on the number of full or partial days booked per week (est. $75,000 - $150,000).

  • Completely flexible hours and treatment days with availability to start immediately, or at therapist’s discretion. Our current practitioner works Tuesday and Wednesday

  • You’re in complete control of your billings. You can choose to go cash based, use direct billing, or a hybrid model. We can help you set up using Janeapp, Telus eHealth, or your own private POS terminal. 

  • Billings paid directly to your own private business account. 

Work With Us, Not For Us

Our goal is to provide the ideal fun environment for passionate, like minded professionals to run their own independent healthcare business while benefiting from the services and tools of a larger collaborative clinic. Our goal is to provide the best opportunities and resources for your business to grow, while creating opportunities to learn and collaborate with other like minded health care professionals. We help streamline your business processes, to reduce stress, improve efficiency, and help further develop your business. We provide an a la carte approach, allowing you full flexibility and scalability as needed. Our goal is to create the best clinic space to Work With Us, Not For Us.

Our Business Values:

Growth Mindset

We believe that building a thriving professional practice is more easily accomplished when surrounded by positive like minded professionals in a great work environment. 


Sharing ideas, and concepts through collaboration, can ultimately lead to greater growth and fulfillment, especially when surrounded by other positive, like minded professionals you enjoy working with. Facilitating opportunities for team referrals can be an additional benefit.

Environment & Team

Creating a fun, supportive atmosphere at work allows us to be at our best for patients, encouraging better thoughts, ideas, creativity, and enjoyment. We value a friendly, fun, and co-operative work environment with a great team of people. 

Practitioner Autonomy

Encourage motivation, responsibility, and engagement by avoiding the typical “top down” business model. Freedom and flexibility to operate your practice independently, but with the supports and services provided by the clinic.


Use only the services you need, and only the days / hours that work best for you. Reduce costs, improve work life balance, enjoy your practice.


  • Create a fun and welcoming work environment to build a thriving practice.

  • Create new opportunities to learn and collaborate with other like minded therapists.

  • Provide all the necessary services to support clinicians, reduce stress, and thrive in running your own independent healthcare business.

  • Create opportunities for continuing education and practitioner development.

  • Support a healthy work life balance, with increased practitioner autonomy and flexibility.

  • Help support and facilitate health education programming in the community. 

  • Strengthen relationships and interprofessional networks in the community. 


  • Completely Flexible hours and treatment days allow more opportunities for you to focus on your other passions - like family, friends, sports, and hobbies for better work-life balance. 

  • Enjoy the flexibility, and satisfaction of running your own practice, without the financial stress, licensing headaches, and other challenges that come with starting your own practice. 

  • Start your own business by taking over a thriving, well established practice, with a solid community reputation, fully booked schedule, and a long client wait list.

  • The Flexibility to scale and customize your schedule and ‘paid for services’ to better meet your business needs and lower your overhead costs.

  • Bill on your own terms, control your cash flow, and set up direct deposit to your independent business account.

  • Choose your own billing methods. Use direct billing if you wish, collect cash, or use a hybrid model. The choice is yours, and we can help you get set up. 

  • Diverse patient population, with very little ICBC, WCB, or MSP billing. High percentage of patients have insurance benefits making direct billing an easy and cost-effective option to set up.

  • Ground floor with lots of free parking and transit access.

  • Clinic design and layout is spacious and comfortable with a clean modern atmosphere, vaulted ceilings, and air conditioning. We have three large, fully equipped treatment rooms plus a rehabilitation exercise space.

How we do it

  • Automation and leveraging technology

  • Refining and critiquing practice management systems: Evolving, refining, fluidity, collaboration

  • Sub-contracting services: If we can’t do it well ourselves, we find others that can do it better for us.  

  • Support: Streamline business practices and support services for better time management, fun, and success.

You will want to work with us if you are:

  • A community-minded practitioner with a great personality and excellent patient communication skills;

  • Works well in a professional environment that’s still casual and fun. 

  • Comfortable working as part of a team, but also confident and comfortable working independently.

  • Interested in a general practice with a wide variety of client cases, or; Looking to offer specialized services to fill a service gap in this under-resourced community.

  • Keen to build a thriving, long term practice 

Services & Supplies Provided by the clinic:

  • Large, fully equipped treatment rooms with hydraulic / electric table

  • Jane Clinic Software EMR 

  • Virtual assistant reception services for appointment booking, rescheduling and handling patient inquiries

  • Basic Marketing (website, social media)

  • Professional cleaning services 

  • High speed internet, Cloud Fax, Phone, Security System

  • Supplies and equipment, including linens and lotions

  • Adjustable standing/sitting desks

  • Rehabilitation exercise space

  • Free parking pass

By Request / Optional:

  • Point of sale terminal and iMac computer

  • Medbridge online CEU subscription

  • Commercial general liability insurance

  • Third party laundry services

Rehabilitation Exercise Space (all practitioners):

  • Hydraulic Keiser Functional Trainer

  • FMS assessment kit

  • Treadmill

  • Kettlebells, rubberized dumbbells, plyometric boxes, and resistance bands

RMT Requirements:

  • Registered member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC). 

Ideal candidate requirements:

  • Interest in evidence-informed practice and patient centered care. 

  • Able to demonstrate a continuous motivation to learn and update knowledge and skills. 

  • Deeply committed to patient care and professionalism.

  • Comfortable providing care to a wide variety of patients with the skills to vary treatment approach as necessary.

  • Practitioner who is highly detail oriented, organized, and is interested in managing their own schedule and billings, with control over their own accounts receivable and payment processing. 

Other assets:

  • Familiar with the EMR software is an asset but not a necessity


Interested in Applying? Email Dr. Tyler Linn at [email protected]


More Details
Employment Type: Contract
Location: Delta , British Columbia , Canada
Experience Required: Entry Level
Date Published: 01 Apr 2023
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