Behavior Technician (Autism Services) --- Central Valley Region - Modesto and Manteca area

Modesto , CA , United States

20 Nov 2023

No Experience Necessary!!! Training and Education Provided!!

Location: Central Valley region -  Modesto, Manteca area 
Age range:  1-4, 10-12 year olds 
Behavior Level: 2
Mondays, Wednesdays:  3-7:30PM
Tuesdays:   4-7:30PM
Thursdays, Fridays:  5-7PM
~15+ hours per week

Active Steps is a small specialist company focused on providing excellent behavioral health services to individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as a range of other support and therapeutic services. With a focus on maximizing independence and self reliance, we believe the best quality of life can be achieved.

Whether you are looking to explore or pursue a career in the human services field or you just want to "make a difference" in someone's life, then this job may be just the perfect fit. We will train and support you in becoming a great Behavior Technician. You will be working with families and their child who have been diagnosed with Autism.

I will forever be grateful for Active Steps as they welcomed me to the team with open arms almost a year ago as my first official Job as a Behavior Technician! I had no experience whatsoever, but my supervisors are honestly the best and have guided me 100% to become efficient and deliver ABA practices to the best of my ability. - Jaquelin Sanchez-Ortega - BT CV

Job Description & Qualifications: 

As a Behavior Technician you will:
- Be energetic and want to work one-on-one with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. You will travel to their location whether it be from a patient's home, school, or in one of our Centers.

- Assist Behavior Analysts to implement behavior reduction and skill acquisition treatment plans.

- Assist clients with day-to-day activities, monitor their behavior, record and collect data on client's progress, and communicate with clients.

- You will be assigned to a clinical team and be responsible for implementing treatment plans and collecting data for clients in an individual or group setting.

To be successful in this role, you will display a compassionate nature, empathy, and discretion in your work. You should have excellent communication and time management skills, and be able to develop and maintain relationships with clients, supervisors, and colleagues. Prior experience in a behavioral health setting is advantageous.

Compensation:  $18.50 to $24 Hourly plus paid drive time and mileage reimbursement

  • Free training to become a behavior technician

  • Competitive Compensation

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

  • 401K Retirement Plan

  • Monthly Phone Allowance

  • Computer or Tablet Allowance

  • Paid Mileage and Drivetime

  • Paid Time off

  • Holidays off

  • Performance bonus program 

  • Referral bonus program

  • BCAT / RBT/ ABAT Credentialing reimbursement or Credentialing Bonus 

  • One on one Career Planning with senior executives 

  • Free supervision hours towards BCBA / QBA Qualifications

  • Remote work available 

  • Employee incentive programs 

  • Paid On the Job Training

  • Credentialing provided at no cost

  • Raise incentives after first 90 days of employment


  • Certificate, bachelor’s, or associate’s degree in behavioral health or related field preferred 

  • Highschool Diploma / GED required 

  • BTL1 Certificate ( company will pay for program for those that qualify )

  • Relevant experience preferred.

  • Must be physically fit and able to lift and carry 50 lbs

  • Must be physically fit and able to sit on the floor and stand for long periods of time

  • Reliable Transportation if working in person 

  • Commitment to a consistent work schedule for 6 months

Visit our website at and the Careers page for more information regarding Active Steps and our available positions. There is a great video clip that gives a great overview of the position.

Entry Level

Part Time

Modesto CA United States

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